Ambassadeur reel dating

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From then on, it would be an Ambassadeur that went on all my fishing trips.

These started in the 40's and eventually the word was spread via a dozen or more different language catalogs, brochures and phamplets.Abu Garcia Ambassadeur bait cast fishing reels are loved by catfish anglers all across the United States and are hands down the most popular fishing reels for catfish.The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur fishing reels can cast a mile, as well as haul in monster catfish and they’ll stand up to decades of use and abuse and keep on performing.If you like to tinker, taking apart an Abu reel is relatively easy, if you keep some key points in mind. As always, one may find some easier methods, but here’s my method.These basic steps for cleaning and lubricating a fishing reel will work for all baitcast fishing reels.

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