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You honestly ruin everything."While Cena and Bella certainly don't mind going nude for You Tube, many fans are wondering if they would consider televising their upcoming wedding.

"So grateful to have had this amazing, kind, handsome man as my date last night," Quella wrote on Twitter at September's Emmy Awards.The eight-year Gores’marriage went sour when Alec suspected Lisa was cheating with his wealthier brother, Tom, who runs Platinum Equity.During their bitter split, Alec paid Pellicano ,000, loaned him another ,000 and treated his family to a Hawaiian vacation, according to court papers." After making a long journey through snow covered mountains, the monster makes a rather odd attempt to befriend a crowd of onlookers in a remote town: By screwing two light bulbs to his neck and singing along to a backing track played on his i Phone.After failing to amuse the crowd, one young girl gives him a hand — and everyone eventually joins in.

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