Dating mastery seminar

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Check the Bootcamps page for full details & to see upcoming dates, locations & register, or you can create & customize your own private 1-on-1 Weekend Bootcamp with me in LA, or in your own hometown.

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We didn’t have the lousy seven bucks to replace it, and that setback was the final straw. I finally just went to bed and decided that I didn’t care if I ever got up.

The People with these attributes rapidly gained the upper hand because they were much more able to protect themselves, acquire the important necessities for survival, and be able to gain more compliance from those who either did not have access to those resources themselves or couldn't stop them from being taken away from them or take them for themselves.

In modern times, in modern "societies" some things have changed, but only a little bit.

This is essentially a simulated first date that you and I will go – You will show up and act exactly as you normally do on a first date.

And I would play the role of your “date,” (not “De Anna”) and I act like a normal girl, responding naturally and staying in my role the whole time.

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