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Unable to work, she parted company with her agency.'I'd kept getting bookings although it must have been obvious to everyone in the business that I was anorexic,' says Georgina.

'My lips and fingers were blue because I was so thin that my heart was struggling to pump blood around my body.'I was force-fed through tubes before being transferred to London's Priory Hospital where they made me eat enough to get back to a healthy weight.

nearly 70 years as the Queen's companion the tempestuous Duke has become famed for spicing up even the dullest of royal engagements but his unwavering, forthright style and devotion to duty has endeared him to the nation.In one of his most infamous outbursts, the Duke of Edinburgh said that British students would become 'slitty-eyed' if they stayed in China.The state visit in 1986 became renowned for the incident, after he advised the youngsters: 'If you stay here much longer you will all be slitty-eyed'. 'They took Polaroid shots, to check that I was photogenic, and then measured every inch of me, right down to the tips of my fingers,' she says. But by her second encounter with the agency, however, Georgina was already beginning to get a glimpse of the more insidious side of the industry.

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