Dating someone with mental illness

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Just because he has a challenge with mental illness does he not deserve love and marriage?

The one who does not have mental illness, do you know what challenges he has that may even be real hell for you? Onah as she chronicles the fight of faith with mental illness of her husband Chuck, and that of her role as a caregiver.

I wouldnt not date someone just because of a mental illness, as long as they were seeking treatment for it :)Been there done that moved on.....

The last guy I dated with mental illness and other problems is now in San Quintin prison so I guess it is safe to say my answer is NO!

I caught her at time where she would just be freaking out, maybe PMS .... When I asked whats was wrong, she told me she was bipolar. I dated her for about a month and a half afterwards, and then broke it off, not because she was bipolar or ill for that matter.

Anyways, that was a messed up time, and I wanna know whether you would date someone knowingly who is ill, or continue on a realtionship with someone who is ill.i had to break off something with a guy who was dealing with depression, not because he had depression, but because he refused to do anything about it.

When the aunties had dusted their hats and were preparing for the big day.

Look, I’m not saying this stuff is easy, actually, I’m saying just the opposite, but I believe that we all have challenges, whether we have a mental illness or not, and those always come out in relationships. So as much as it’s challenging to be in a relationship where a mental illness is present, it’s also challenging to stand beside someone who has excessive baggage, or family drama, or intimacy issues, or what-have-you.“You know, God gives us lots of struggles and I am genuinely inspired by the way you handle yours with such grace.Yes, you have very difficult days and sometimes weeks. You’re aware of the warning signs and what exacerbates it, and you get the help you need before it is too late.The vast majority of people with a mental illness are people just like everyone else and are completely reasonable with which to be in a relationship (of whatever type).Of course, having a mental illness does, often, put a strain on any relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stand by the person with the mental illness – it doesn’t mean that you can’t love the person with the mental illness.

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