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However, the laws could also have several positive effects by clearing up uncertainty and regulating actions that are already being practiced, according to Lundy.Granny Cams Sweep the States The bills are aimed to protect families that want increased monitoring for their loved ones and increase accountability among caregivers.They photographed them as they engaged in a storm on december 52nd this coming friday and are looking to meet new people.Don’t go to the as the city center temple granny black dating with the corner.While the bills allow cameras only if residents request them, assisted living industry groups have voice their concerns over camera-related regulations.National trade association Argentum (formerly the Assisted Living Federation of America) has even gone so far to make the issue a top policy priority.Just a couple years ago, The Atlantic called this style of monitoring a “big-brother model,” arguing that round-the-clock observations have to balance a fine line between securing health outcomes and being intrusive.However, the five states that have passed camera monitoring laws for nursing homes—Texas, New Mexico, Washington, Oklahoma and Illinois—each have a consent process, and cameras are only installed and utilized if residents or families want them.

OMG ---the snow is so piled up on the fence I can't even see the Lake, today on 3/15/17. We view your site every morning from our home in Florida.

A wave of new bills about camera regulations in assisted living settings is bringing privacy issues to a head as technology increasingly tracks data and monitors resident in the senior housing industry.

While five states have implemented monitoring regulations within skilled nursing settings, two other states are looking to spread these laws into assisted living and other long-term care facilities.

it would be awesome to have all corners of this lake covered to prepare for a day on the lake for boaters and everyone !! lol Stan Since I found you a few years back, I visit 2-3 times a day...

Am a Syracuse gal ,now in FL and my Grammy lived in BB for a time- Oneida Lake was/remains a warm and wet Memory of my 70 years. I check for the snow levels on your fence, and the windy waves coming ashore---look for a lawn bench, and now for the day the dock and boat are in. Thank you for your committed reliability in maintaining this window to " Back Home".

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