Lesbian dating stories dating in barcelona

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Why does everyone else have these really cool things to use and there’s nothing for me and for my friends?

”The stuff that was [available to lesbians] was built for gay guys, and its marketing toward women felt fake.

She left me to go chat with the boys at the bar while I sat alone at a table. She cried and begged for me to not leave her there and that she was drunk and made out with strangers sometimes. She punched out a window and then ran out into the middle of the street and laid down.

They kept buying her drinks and she got more and more drunk while I sat there sipping my beer waiting for her to come back. My date and one of the other lesbians come back in and walk towards the back of the bar towards the bathrooms. All romantic feelings were crushed right then and there, but she and I still hung out as friends for about a month.

Submitted by Samanthais So I went out with another girl.

She seemed pretty cool, but a little on the weird side.

But she had good taste in music and was into all the same nerdy shit I was into, so I went with it. I took her out to dinner and then we went to a gay bar for some karaoke.

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