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Louis University, and before he began his academic career he had a career in law enforcement.He is someone whose view reflects intimate knowledge of what it’s like to be charged with keeping the peace and ensuring the safety of local citizens, while also having a rich knowledge and command of the Christian moral theological tradition.Many claim that these protesters are anti-capitalist, but most are simply disillusioned by a form of capitalism they suggest is so far out of whack that the opportunity for bootstrap pulling is nearly non-existent.They propose that the current environment unapologetically favors the richest of the rich. "What as the start-up, by the way, can you give me a little hint? "It's a search engine," says the man, looking pleased with himself.

"I don't have a job but that's because I was lucky enough to live in Silicon Valley for a while and work for a small start-up down the street here that did quite well so I'm unemployed by choice," says the man. As it happpens the Guardian has a review of Edwards's book because we are sharp as a knife: Edwards talked to a friend recently who is still at the company, another who got in early, feeling lucky.We have not been given a time as to when this event will be over but our guess is that things hopefully will be back to normal by 5 pm.There has been no indication that the march will interfere anymore than with traffic coming and going from our location.Are they a mob of over-privileged, unemployed trustafarians? An apathetic population asked to foot the bill for the fallout from credit default swaps is exactly what the 1% ordered.The last few years the country has been told to fear an economic collapse if the masses fail to fork over what amounts to corporate welfare, and more recently, that more jobs will be lost if we close tax loopholes.

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