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On the same day Lupe Fiasco was asked about Iggy Azalea by a fan, Q-Tip took to Twitter on Saturday (Dec.20) to also share his opinion of the female rapper who has faced her share of criticism about cultural misappropriation this year.During 1997, Williams — then also a Hot 97 DJ — had taken several snipes at Martinez on air and online. “It was awful and it made me insecure.” Williams was eventually shown the Hot 97 door.The beef started when Martinez got wind of snide comments Williams made in regard to Martinez’s romantic relationship with rapper Q-Tip. Martinez alleges that station bosses were fed up with her rude behavior.

But as she reveals in her new memoir, “My Voice,” the DJ was once involved in a war of her own with talk-show host Wendy Williams — which ended with Williams trying to defend herself with a mop.'I just had a cataract operation and it's a great thing you know about aging, all other aging processes, knee operations, hip operations, hair implants, everything is designed to slow your decline,' the ex-president pointed out.'Only the cataract operation reverses it.''Goldman, b/c of their relationship with us, is delaying the drafting of a lease for this interested party until they get a better sense from us but they cannot hold them off too much longer,' Graham revealed to Abedin.Despite breaking up multiple times and not releasing an album since 1998's , ATCQ still steadily receive touring offers to perform in front of hip-hop fans that may love them more than they love each other.Today, the group will reissue its pivotal debut album, the first in a series of planned reissues over at least the next few years. I just thought we were going to be celebs in the hood.

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