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To add drag-drop functionality on our gridview we are using j Query UI sortable.

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Now, coming to the member methods listed above, there is a constructer which simply sets the aforementioned data members with those passed as parameters. Container's control collection is filled with all controls in which items of each type are instantiated.row for sorting or change row position order of Gridview control with j Query in c#.For the drag-drop feature here we use j Query UI sortable, using this enables drag and drop feature on our Gridview control.Basically, this makes our Gridview drag and drop rows to change their row positions. Also need to import some js file like JQuery latest lib, j Query , and j Query So finally our HTML markup look like as given below CREATE TABLE [dbo].[programming_language_info]( [id_] [bigint] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [language_name] [nvarchar](150) NULL, [developed_by] [nvarchar](150) NULL, [sort_order] [bigint] NULL ) ON [PRIMARY] Currently, our Gridview is populated with data, but you will find drag and drop functionality is not there.

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