Updating laminate cabinets

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Type 1 will love me forever and will possibly set up a small shrine in the corner of their revamped kitchen, complete with a Starbucks coffee maker, wine keg and a scattering of paint chips instead of rose petals. However, this one will include a photo of my face on a corkboard with a nice selection of darts and a 6 pack of Budweiser close at hand.

Source – Little Lessy – who did a FAB job updating her kitchen (check it out!

Like usual, I used Kilz Primer which blocks, seals, and preps the surface for the paint to adhere to the surface.

Primer is important, but especially when painting over laminate ().

Instead of springing for thousands of dollars’ worth of new granite, she opted to try granite-look countertop paint from Giani, which is sold in a kit that covers 35 square feet of surface area for about .) BTW, I did not put that black blurb on there, so don’t shoot me (yet…they’ll be time for that later) That’s right, there is no easy fix.Those magical ‘easy fix’ illusions you had are about to be BLOWN to smithereens.The ideas you read here will be just what you were looking for.You are likely happy enough with them as they are in good shape, doing the job they are supposed to and you don’t WANT to re-do them – you just want to purdy them up a bit so you can enjoy the esthetics of them a bit more.

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