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After Jimmy complied, he was asked to prove his identity by taking a photo of his identity card.

That photo was then used to blackmail and threaten him into silence and further compliance.

SINGAPORE: Jimmy (not his real name) is a user of We Chat, a free text messaging and calling app. Last year, Jimmy received a message from someone calling herself "Momi".

Jimmy added her as a friend on We Chat and they started chatting regularly.

The first step in doing this is to properly understand the We Chat phenomena in China (there is a remarkable amount of misunderstanding!

) and then look for potential ways to apply lessons from that market.

Mobike's Mini Program is "摩拜单车" and Didi's is "滴滴出行Di Di".

(Also make sure you have the latest version of We Chat.) Since this feature has just launched, we aren't aware of any English Mini Programs yet.

Innovative functions could be: voting, Q&A, voice recognition, image pattern recognition, membership CRM, LBS (Location-based services), etc.As business vendor, you will receive user info (profile picture, username, sex, location) and user authorization.Normally, e Commerce sites will notify users about transaction information and updates through text message or e-mail.Apps like Mobike, which have a full English app, are available only in Chinese in the Mini Program format.We Chat's Mini Programs makes apps shareable and bypasses the need to download an app from an app store.

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