Who is tim daly dating

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The actor joined "CBS This Morning" Friday and discussed the show's uniqueness and appeal to American viewers.

"It portrays a marriage that's actually working and it's dynamic, but this couple's committed to figuring out how to do it and they have problems that I think make it very relatable for people," Daly said.

It took too long for Tim to overcome the divorce phase as he was alone and both his children were busy in their studies and profession. Amy is an American actress and has appeared in films and many TV shows.Tim and his co-star from Madam Secretary, Téa Leoni, have already officially confirmed their relationship and are now an official couple.A Red Carpet White House event (2015 White House Correspondent Dinner) was the place where the couple chose to make their status official.Leoni portrays a former CIA analyst turned college professor who is tapped by the president to become Secretary of State.Commenting on her character Elizabeth Faulkner Mc Cord, Leoni told E! I adored her by page two, there’s no sarcasm to her. I want to wake up and be her every day.” The former star added, “I think in a lot of ways it’s inspiring to see women that we want to see.

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